Summer Camp 2024

Manchester Summer Experience by The British School of Costa Daurada

Football Feat

From 1th to 6th July

For students born between 2012 and 2008


(to be confirmed with final participant confirmations)


Leonardo Hotel Chester. The hotel is located in the center of Chester, surrounded by the famous city wall. In addition to having Chester's historic attractions close by, you'll find various attractions at your fingertips. Head to the cathedral or other points of interest.


Leonardo Hotel Manchester Central offers a fantastic location with modern amenities and comfortable rooms. The hotel's position on Great Bridgewater Street puts you at the heart of the city center, within easy walking distance of both public transport links and educational activities.


Science Timetable


The price of the experience is 1295€

(Does not include the cost of round-trip flights)


The registration period is from April 25th to May 10th, 2024.

This Summer Experience is open to students of The British School of Costa Daurada or other external students who pass an admission interview conducted by the school's project responsible staff.

Students of the school can register via the school's APP.

External students must request an admission interview by emailing: or calling the school at 637 546 802 – Admissions


The British School of Costa Daurada will provide comprehensive accident insurance and Civil Liability coverage for all activity participants.

Additionally, the school will have travel insurance.

The general conditions of the coverage will be delivered when registering.


1. Full Board Accommodation

- Enjoy full board accommodation during your stay.

2. All Ground Transport Including Airport Transfers

- All ground transport needs, including airport transfers, are included in the package.

3. Training Sessions and Matches v English Academies and Schools

- Engage in training sessions and matches against English academies and schools.

4. Chester Roman Educational Walk and Tour

- Explore history with educational walks and guided tours.

5. Tickets To English Live Games and Stadium Tour

- Experience live games and stadium tours.

6. National Football Museum Tickets

- Visit the National Football Museum.

7. Full Tour Planning And 24 Hour Assistance From The Soccer Tours Staff

- Count on comprehensive tour planning and 24-hour assistance from our experienced staff in England.


Manchester is a vibrant city located in the northwest of England. It is renowned for its rich industrial heritage, cultural significance, and thriving contemporary scene.

History and Industrial Heritage: Manchester played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution, being a major textile manufacturing center in the 19th century. The city's cotton mills and warehouses were crucial to its economic growth.

Culture and Arts: Manchester has a dynamic cultural scene with numerous museums, galleries, and theatres.

Music: Manchester has a storied musical legacy, particularly associated with the rise of the 'Madchester' music scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Sport: Football holds a special place in Manchester's heart. The city is home to two major football clubs: Manchester United and Manchester City.


With its mesmerizing beauty and unique atmosphere, Chester is one of Britain's most popular places. Its ancient city is a truly breathtaking experience. Each chapter of Chester's history is etched into the very fabric of the city.

You walk where Roman legions marched to war, Vikings caused havoc, and Norman invaders conquered Anglo-Saxons. Chester has the most complete city walls, the oldest racecourse, and the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain, as well as a 1000-year-old cathedral with the finest example of medieval carvings in Europe.

And, of course, the one and only 700-year-old Rows galleries where shopping is a double delight. You'll find stores offering the latest fashion in Chester, all set against a backdrop of unique antiquities and a vibrant café culture where outdoor dining and people-watching go hand in hand.

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